Terraland Group unites group of over 10 companies engaged in the fields of  agriculture, cosmetics & food products, media & IT technologies.

For the period 2014-2018 the group invested over 18 million euros in various projects and acquiring companies that develop activities that are of interest in the long-term strategy of the group.

One of our main development models is to create joint projects with foreign investors and partners to attract external resources and share experiences and good practices. We establish long-term contacts with partners from different countries in the fields of agriculture, media, culture and trade.

Rubin Stanevo Ltd. was established in 2013 and is active in the field of agriculture because it believes that agriculture is one of the sectors with the greatest development potential in Bulgaria and Europe. The company earns and maintains the trust of its clients and partners with honesty and professionalism.

In 2014, the company bought more than 6,000 decares of vineyards. The vineyards are from 7 to 13 years old and the variety of varieties is rich. The vineyards are situated in close proximity to the Danube river, which is a prerequisite for the proper and easy irrigation of the soils. Grapes grow healthy and full of sugar because the sandy soil on which they are planted protects against diseases. Thanks to an experienced team of agronomists and the favorable conditions surrounding the area, the vineyards have been developing for many years.


Resulting from our experience in the field of agriculture, Terra Land Agriculture develops policy related to the consolidation of agricultural land for the purpose of better opportunities for raising and logistics management of farms and their products.

A team of qualified experts of the company explors regions in Bulgaria in terms ofachieving maximum results in the cultivation of crops and good return on investment. Behind the growing, processing and quality control of vineyards stands an expert team of enologists and agronomists, who undergo systematic training and apply latestinternational practices.

We are currently working on a project for the creation of new vineyards with rights from the National Reserve and replanting rights for € 13.5 million. We are rebuilding irrigation facilities on existing vineyards for more than € 3.2 million.

Our ultimate goal is to build a modern vineyard. In addition to newly planted vineyards we will build a modern winery with capacity of 6 million liters per year, technology park and a hotel. The entire project amounts to approximately € 8.72 million.

By creating strategic partnerships we support the structuring and implementation of a wide range of corporate finance solutions.

We mediate in the development of strategic investment projects with leading investors from China.

Our aim is to attract foreign investments for implementation of projects in Bulgaria in the field of infrastructure, construction, energy, agriculture, IT, telecommunications and other.

Le Sensé is registered brand of Bulgarian Rosa Damascena Ltd. – company for production and distribution of essential oils, rose oil water and cosmetics and probiotics, which contain Lactobacillus bulgaricus.

The company has over 10 years of experience in the export of rose oil and rose water from Bulgaria to Europe, China and Arab countries.

We provide to our clients around the world annually over 35 kg of essential rose oil, and over 50 tons of natural rose water.

Our experience in the field inspired us to develop our own cosmetic brand – Le Sensé, as we follow the latest trends in the beauty industry and deliver innovative and usefulcosmetics for everyone. Under the same brand we offer probiotics containing Lactobacillus bulgaricus and rose oil.


Rubin Grain in an worldwide aspect is a supplier of grain and oilseeds. The main products we export are oil, corn, alfalfa.

We have significant working experience as we differentiate our products while maintaining their distinctiveness at the international markets.

Our goal is to be a trusted partner and to provide our customers with quality products, services and long-term commitment. We continuously expand our contact network, so we can be optimally flexible according to the dynamics of the modern markets.

Rubin Grain has a long-term relationship with importers from China. This market is our main priority for further development, as we believe that it is one of the most strategic markets nowadays.

We specialize in the field of real estate, in particular in farmland. We rent farmland and invest in wine, fruit, horticulture and more.

Of particular importance to us is to build a long-term loyal relationships with our tenants. We successfully fulfill the commitment of a good owner and partner.

Rubin Technologies is a company, part of Terraland Group, which offers on the Bulgarian market software and mobile devices of Bulgarian and foreign manufacturers.

In times of rapidly growing globalization and digitization, the company focuses on providing to its customers quality and innovative IT products and solutions at affordable prices and conditions.

Being honest and reliable partner, Rubin Technologies aims to create long-term relationships with its customers and suppliers.


Teraland Group has been successfull partnering with private companies, state and municipal institutions, NGOs and educational institutions to improve the quality of their products and services and to contribute to society.

Terraland Group daughter companies are members of the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA), the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), the Council for Economic and Diplomatic Relations (CEDR), the Association of Agricultural Producers in Bulgaria (AAPB) and others.

Teraland Group and CEDR annually grant scholarships to students and students studying agribusiness, political science, economics, and more.