It has been officially stated: Agriculture is a priority for the EU during our Presidency

The priorities in the field of agriculture during the presidency of the European Union were discussed in Tallinn, Republic of Estonia, reported the press office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

At the tripartite meeting between the agriculture ministers of Bulgaria, Estonia and Austria became clear that countries will work to reform the Common Agricultural Policy after 2020 and the EU budget for agriculture in the context of the Brekzit.

The Minister of Agriculture and Food, Prof. Dr. Christo Bozukov, pointed out that communication between the expert teams created in the ministries and coordination at the political level are of high importance.

“This is a guarantee to be up to date with the information at any stage of the preparations of working documents packages,” the minister said.

Each of the three ministers presented information about preparation of their teams for the respective presidencies. It was pointed out that for Bulgaria and Estonia this is the first presidency, while for Austria it is it’s third. In this regard, the Austrian Minister Andre Ruprechter gave practical advice to his colleagues in terms of his experience in the General Secretariat of the Council.

“The meeting is the beginning of the building of a better coordination within a year and a half, which will begin on 1 July with the start of the presidency by Estonia,” said Prof. Bozukov.